6 years since David Josiah Lawson death: 5k run honors his life

Charmaine Lawson begins 5K run at the Arcata City Hall on April 15. | Photo by Ricardo Lara Nava

by Peyton Leone, Eddy Guzman, Rob Chaves

Community members gathered at the Arcata City Hall to run a 5K honoring the life of David Josiah Lawson on April 15. The 5K went from city hall to the Arcata Marsh and back. This marked six years since the Cal Poly Humboldt student was stabbed to death at an off-campus party.

Charmaine Lawson, mother of David Josiah Lawson, finished the race with a lead group of runners and was followed by more who walked the event.

“This means so much because it’s not just my family that is impacted by violence here in Humboldt County but so many other families,” Lawson said. “I want them to know that we stand in solidarity. We run with them, we run for them. We are their voice and we’re never giving up until justice is served, not just for my son but I will help them with the fight for their loved ones too.”

The day before the race Lawson spoke with Humboldt County District Attorney Stacey Eads, about the next steps towards justice for her son’s murder.

“I’m pissed because my son should be here. I should not have to do this. My son should be here with us and he’s not here. Justice delayed is justice denied,” said Lawson at a press conference outside of the Eureka courthouse on April 14.

David Josiah Lawson 5K run participants walking back to Arcata City Hall on April 15. | Photo by Victoria Olson

Chelsea Rios Gomez, a volunteer at the 5k event and a student at CPH, said, “I think it marking six years and it being still no justice, we haven’t had any progress. It’s just here to support Charmaine and be like ‘we still see you like were still here.’ Even if policy or government isn’t supporting you in this fight, the community is. And I think you can see that with the amount of people who show up.”

To report any information about the murder of David Josiah Lawson murder to the Arcata Police Department, call (707) 822 – 2428. 

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