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CHECK IT increases outreach to campus community with ninth anniversary party

March 4th, 2023

CHECK IT hosted a safe and welcoming party for attendees where resources were offered by CHECK IT, the Peer Health Center and other participating organizations to its ninth anniversary on March 4 in the Goodwin Forum.

CHECK IT launched in February 2014 as a student led movement that is aimed at creating a more consent centered culture on campus. Amanda Kanaly, a member of CHECK IT’s peer health sphere, explains it is a place where you can listen to, believe and support survivors. 

“What we try to do is create a consent culture on campus. We try to promote safe sex, safe drug use, safe alcohol use, all of that,” Kanaly said. 

Kanaly wasn’t the only one who was excited by the progress CHECK IT has made. Patricia Marquez is the event coordinator for CHECK IT and has been volunteering for the program since she was a freshman at CPH. 

“To know that they’re almost at ten years is crazy. It’s so cool to know that it’s been on campus for so long and it’s so well established!” Marquez said. “It’s great to see that this year we’re getting momentum back up and getting back to the point we were at when we were freshman.” 

CHECK IT was hit hard by the pandemic, but made an impressive rebound. It continues to grow every semester thanks to the tireless efforts of its dedicated staff. They’ve made impressive strides in creating a more consent based culture on campus, using their signature sloth mascot to help spread awareness. 

Sophia Effa, senior staff member with CHECK IT, is glad that their sloth is seen on student laptops all across campus. 

“We really like the idea that when you see the CHECK IT logo or our sloth, which is our signature mascot, you know that person is a safe space and you can talk to them.” 

CHECK IT’s office is located in Forbes Gym 151, and you can email them at checkit@humboldt.edu.  

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