Housing solutions and grants for returning students

Returning students at Cal Poly Humboldt are scrambling to secure housing since the university first announced that freshman and transfer students will have priority on-campus housing for the upcoming 2023-2024 school year.

In any given year, an estimated 3,000-4,000 students look for off-campus housing. Due to the increase in demand, the school is offering more resources and guidance for students in need of housing next fall.

Cheyenne Rose Elam, a student who was able to secure off-campus housing, said they wish the school had promoted these resources more and that they “had to hear about this from friends.”

Up to $1000 in Aid for Move-In Costs

The Housing Access Grant is a program which helps qualifying students cover up to $1,000 in move-in costs. These costs include the first month’s rent, last month’s rent and a security deposit. Students must be referred to this program by CARE, financial aid or the off-campus housing coordinator, Amanda Masse. They can contact any of these options to see if they qualify. After submitting proof of these costs, the student can expect this rebate in about three weeks. 

Canceling Your On-Campus Lease Without Penalty

According to Stephen St. Onge, the Executive Director of Auxiliary Operations at CPH about 120 students have already canceled their lease early without any penalty. For the remainder of the Spring 2023 semester, students who currently live on campus will get a prorated refund if they choose to secure off-campus housing as long as they provide a month’s notice before moving out. 

“This year it’s all about flexibility,” St. Onge said. “Just call us and we’ll work with you.”

Students interested in this option will need to access their myHousing portal to complete the “Housing License Agreement Appeal” and “Vacate” forms. Refunds will usually be received a few weeks after the student moves out and their room has been inspected.

Assistance from the Off-Campus Housing Coordinator

Masse offers services and resources to help students secure off-campus housing. They are available to assist students through every step of the application process, from looking through updated rental listings to reading through lease agreements before signing. 

They can also help with looking through multiple off-campus housing resources, examining budgets and looking out for scams.

Students can book a virtual and/or in-person appointment with Masse at this site, or can contact them at (707)-826-5509 or

Off-Campus Housing Resources Site

Many more off-campus housing resources, such as the application fees for all the property managers within the local area, can be found on the school’s Housing & Residence site under “Off-Campus Housing Resources.”

Within the section “Rental Links” is, a rental listings site exclusively for students of CPH. This means that a majority of these rental units are available just for students and can’t be found on any other site. Student listings and roommate requests can also be found here.

“We’re really trying everything we can do to increase the options that students have and make sure it’s a positive experience for everyone involved,” St. Onge said. 

On-Campus and Bridge Housing Availability

On March 29, students were informed if they´ve received on campus housing or waitlisted. As of now there are 2,500 beds reserved for returning students that are available on-campus and in bridge housing. 

Bridge housing options include The Ramada Inn, Comfort Inn, Super 8 and Motel 6. These options will still have access to all meal plans offered by the school.

According to St. Onge, there will also be a total of two mobile kitchens put in place to accommodate meal plans and students who wish to cook their own meals. One will be behind the Motel 6. As of right now, the location for the second one has not been finalized.

More information about on-campus and bridge housing can be found in the school’s Housing & Residence Life site under the tab “Cost & Housing Options.”

Updates on the application status can be viewed on the student’s myHousing portal.

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