Emergency funds for students

Cal Poly Humboldt Financial Aid office will be offering emergency funds to students on a case-by-case basis during the spring 2022 semester. The form to request funds will be available on the Financial Aid website around mid February.

Available funds are limited, as federal funding for emergency money for students has run out. Although there is no deadline for filling out the request form, Peggy Metzger, director of financial aid, expects Cal Poly Humboldt’s funds to expire by the end of the current semester. Eligibility for receiving a grant is on a case-by-case basis, prioritizing more severe situations while also taking into consideration who has not received these funds in the past.

According to Metzger, approximately 300 new students, and students who have returned after taking breaks during the past few semesters were granted small sums of money from this reserved funding.

“A combination of new students who are just coming in for spring and also students who may have been students for a while and they just didn’t enroll in fall, didn’t have access to the funds in the fall,” said Metzger. “There are like 300 students in that situation, so just this week we gave some money automatically to them.”

Previous funding was provided by the federal government through the CARES Act, Higher Education Emergency Relief Fund, as well as the American Rescue Plan. As of right now, there are no more government funds anticipated to be disbursed in the near future.

Once posted, the form to request emergency funds will be found at www.finaid.humboldt.edu.

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