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Champurrado Recipe

The Winter season means cold weather and warm drinks. In Mexican culture, it means a good time to drink champurrado. Champurrado is like the supreme of hot Mexican chocolate. 

A delicious mug filled with Champurrado. |Photo by Ruby Hernandez.

As far as I can remember, Champurrado has been the staple drink paired with a tamal, but I’ve also enjoyed it by itself. It flushes my taste buds with sweet notes of chocolate combined with atole. 

For those curious about what atole is, it is a hot corn flour drink combined with cinnamon sticks.  

The trick to making a warm drink like champurrado is to continuously stir with a whisk and prepare it with love. 

It is a pleasure to share this recipe handed down from my mother. She constructed this simple and easy recipe simply by following her instincts in mixing ingredients. 

Champurrado Recipe 

( Prep time 2 mins – Cook time 22 mins) 3 servings 


¾ cup of Milk 

Mexican hot chocolate drink tablets

1 tablespoon of Maizena Cornstarch 

1 Cinnamon stick 

1 tablespoon of granulated sugar  


Turn the stove on medium to low heat 

Put your medium sauce-pan onto your stove 

Pour the milk into the pan and let it get warm 

Add ¾ of a chocolate tablet 

Whisk until chocolate dissolves 

In a separate cup, add 1 tablespoon of cornstarch

Add ¼ cup of milk into mixing cup

Whisk cornstarch and milk together 

Pour cornstarch and milk mixture into the saucepan 

Add the cinnamon stick into the saucepan 

Add 1 tablespoon of sugar into the saucepan

Continue whisking until champurrado boils and thickens 

If you like your champurrado to be thicker, add ½  of a tablespoon more of cornstarch. And if you prefer your champurrado extra sweet add a whole chocolate tablet instead of ¾. Who would have known hot Mexican chocolate and atole was the perfect duo? Until you try it yourself, you won’t fully understand why it’s such a popular drink in the Mexican culture during cold times. 

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