Faculty union will strike for better working conditions starting Monday

by Peyton Leone

Faculty across all 23 California State University campuses will strike starting Monday, Jan. 22 Jan. 26.  Strikes are planned from 7:30 a.m to 5:00 p.m from Jan. 22 until Jan. 26.

The bargaining process began in May 2023 and after months of stalled negotiations between CSU and the California Faculty Association they authorized a strike in October. a system wide strike will affect classrooms across the state. CFA, which represents all lecturers, professors, librarians and coaches in the CSU system, is fighting for a  12% salary increase for all of its members along with other improvements to their working conditions. 

In response, CSU has offered a 5%, a raise that would not keep up with inflation according to a fact finding report.

“5% is a slap in the face to all of us,” said Marisol Ruiz, CFA president at Cal Poly Humboldt.

Faculty who participate in the strike will not be instructing, answering emails or working in any way until after the strikes are over. Students should speak with their instructors before monday to see if they will have class or not during the week of strikes.

Mildred Garcia CSU Chancellor on zoom for a press conference about upcoming strikes.

“It is important to reiterate that campus is open and that the planned strike should not interfere with your ability to complete your courses and graduate on time,” said Cal Poly Humboldt admin Chrissy Holiday and Mitch Mitchell in an email sent out on Jan. 19.

California State University chancellor Mildred Garcia and other members of CSU chancellor’s office held a press conference two days before the start of the strike to discuss the end of negotiations.

CSU Vice Chancellor Leora Freedman said CSU is willing to negotiate further when CFA is willing to lower the salary increase they demand.

Christina Checel, associate vice chancellor of labor and employee relations for the CSU system said that the system is prepared for the week of striking and even has plans if the strikes are “prolonged.”

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