Free tax assistance for students and community

Free Income Tax Assistance is being offered at Cal Poly Humboldt every Wednesday from 5:30-8:30 p.m. in Siemens Hall room 119. These services are offered free for students and community members. Services can be translated into Spanish, French, German, Vietnamese and Ukrainian.  

Jacob West, student intern greeted incoming students and community members during the workshop at Siemens Hall in room 119. Photo by Eddy Guzman.

Student interns are instructed by CPH Associate Professor, Joshua Zender Ph.D.

“We’re right here on campus so if you happen to be a resident in one of the residential halls, you can walk down to Siemens Hall and get your tax returns prepared,” Zender said. “If you happen to be a resident of Arcata we’re probably one of the closest tax preparation sites.” 

During the workshop, business students will assist anyone from students to members of the community who meet the requirements which are listed on their website: sites.google.com/humboldt.edu/vita/home. Appointments can also be made through the website. 

This assistance is available over the phone or Zoom so long as documents are collected beforehand. Requirements will be important to note before relying on this workshop since there are various limitations in place. People who meet the requirements can rely on this service each year.  

“We assist people who make under $60,000 and who need help because they’re not proficient in technology, or they have disabilities,” said student intern, Vova Sherman.

This workshop serves as an opportunity for students to put their knowledge to work. Student interns get experience through the internship helping local community members and other students on campus. 

Student Interns Vova Sherman and Nicolas Ayala discussing tax documents on Feb. 15 in Siemens Hall room 119. Photo by Eddy Guzman

“We may not be able to help everybody but if people are unsure, we can guide them to places that can help them,” said student intern, Benjamin Arroyo.

This internship is available for students who are interested in applying for next year’s workshop.

There are other locations for Volunteer Income Tax Assistance and Tax Counseling for the Elderly in Humboldt County which can be located on irs.gov
For more information about this workshop can be found at sites.google.com/humboldt.edu/vita/home.

Abigail Stevens and David Mata completing tax information on Feb. 15 at Siemens Hall in room 119. Photo by Eddy Guzman

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