OPINION: Why is my main bookstore not on campus?

Cal Poly Humboldt has brought more confusion for students with the opening of The Campus Store on the Plaza. Ordering textbooks was inconvenient because students were getting mixed up between the two locations.

Instead of having the privilege of picking up textbooks in the center of campus, which is a major benefit to those who are already living within the school, some of us discovered that we had to go to “The Campus Store.” Located half a mile off-campus.

When selecting the pick-up option, students were under the impression that selecting “The Campus Store” meant that our books would be sent to the bookstore on campus by the Depot. It was frustrating to discover that this was not the case.

Students who drive probably weren’t too affected by the distance, but this was a definite inconvenience for those who have to walk. It might be just under a mile on paper, but you also have to consider weather, safety and accessibility. 

This is unlike many other universities, where the location to get textbooks required for classes would already be in the school. 

One of the most annoying aspects of this situation was all the back-and-forth between The Campus Store and the CPH bookstore on campus. It seemed way too difficult to get a direct answer from any employees at the bookstores.

A major thing to address is the fact that the average student doesn’t even know what’s actually going on with the original CPH bookstore, even now. Apparently it’ll remain open, even though it looks completely empty and has limited merchandise.

This confusion honestly could have been prevented if the school had communicated this change more effectively to its students, or if they had prioritized the campus location, which I believe is the better option.

There’s a chance that this could be a one-time occurrence since this is the first semester with the new bookstore location. I hope this situation is prevented in the future with clearer communication.

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