So, you have an affliction with screen addiction

Now that the world fits in our pockets, it’s harder than ever to address our own addictive tendencies. These unconscious habits have developed since the world is now, literally, at our fingertips. Our phones are an interactive window through which we can wave and talk to others while lockdown ordinances keep doors closed and people physically distant.

So, what is your relationship with your phone?  Is your black mirror a diary? An archive of memories? A nuisance? A sense of connection and information? A place to escape to? How does this technology benefit you and how does it hold you back? Is that black mirror sucking up your attention into oblivion and selling it to the highest bidder?

If you would like to decrease your screen time here are some baby steps towards ways that you can minimize the distraction and the attention you give to your device.

  • Buy an alarm clock so that you don’t look at a screen first thing in the morning.
  • Place a magnet on the back of your case so you can leave it stuck to things, where you can see it but can’t touch it.
  • Place a magnetic strip somewhere you would normally keep a house phone, if you have memories of that.
  • Leave your ringer on. Knowing this will help keep you from thinking your phone is going off or “checking the time”
  • Start wearing a watch.

If you feel that something needs to change in order to better organize your time and be more productive, do it. Progress often consists of acknowledging and taking action towards those things that no longer serve you. These steps are simple changes in the way that we interact with our phones physically.

The next step, if you want to take it further, is to address these distractions digitally. This could consist of deactivating social media, deleting the apps all together, or even placing parental restrictions on yourself in order to forcefully minimize screen time. Be present, pay attention and realize where you give your attention.

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