Taking caution with cancel culture

Everyday when you go on the trending section of Twitter there is at least one politician or pop culture icon being canceled. Not a day goes by where the #_____iscanceled or #_____isoverparty hashtags aren’t used. 

What is cancel culture you may ask? Well in today’s culture, the art of canceling is done to someone who has said or done something offensive, to ruin their career and/or reputation. No one is safe from being canceled, therefore; public figures have to be cautious of what they say and do, now more than ever. 

People get canceled for many different reasons both big and small. Saying something racist/sexist/homophobic is on the bigger end of the scale, while the smaller end of the scale is licking donuts on display at a donut shop. Regardless of the action, the individual who does it usually post an apology video where they’re crying or releasing a very basic PR statement. Sometimes they’re forgiven and sometimes they’re not, it depends mostly on their supporters and how well they sold their apology. 

A lot of canceled individuals learn their lesson and never do the canceled action ever again, but sometimes some people slip up causing them to be canceled all over again. You would think that they would be more careful but that isn’t always the case. 

For some, the second time around is truly it, the end of their career. Then for others they are forgiven again, and this never ending cancelling cycle continues. The craziest thing about this is that is, people fall for it over and over and over again. 

Canceling people means different things to different people. 

Some may not follow them on social media anymore and some may burn their clothes. Personally, when I cancel someone I go out of my-to-way to “boycott’ them and their brand.

For example, rapper Tekashi69, is now in jail for many crimes and although he isn’t making anymore music he’s cancelled. Before he was in prison he still had a very lively music career, releasing new songs and doing shows. I would not listen, download or watch any of his stuff because I found him to be canceled. This is because I would simply refuse to be a part of how he is making money and I wouldn’t want to waste my time on this abuser. 

In my opinion, there is a correct way to cancel someone. Canceling someone because they said “I hate America” isn’t as big as someone who abused someone else for years. Plus, I kind of hate America right now too. 

When “canceling” first became a thing, I think it had the right intentions but has become toxic. People dig years back to find something wrong you did while you were 10 years old and didn’t know better, or they cancel you for accidentally stepping on a dog’s tail.

Anyone can be cancelled. Go ahead and cancel someone, but do it for the right reasons. I mean I’m sure you have accidentally stepped on an animal’s tail and you aren’t canceled. 

Unless you didn’t apologize, then you’re definitely canceled.

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