CPH students housed at the Comfort Inn

Cal Poly Humboldt housing department has contracted with the Comfort Inn off-campus to provide more housing options for students. This plan is being implemented as a temporary solution to the impacted housing crisis Humboldt County has been experiencing. After receiving the newsletter email sent by housing, Comfort Inn resident Gabriela “Gaby” Mendez Garcia jumped at the chance for any available housing right before the fall semester began.

“What made me decide [the Comfort Inn], it was really last minute. As long as I find housing at this point. I’m grateful for it,” Mendez Garcia said. Two weeks into the fall semester, students are still trying to find housing on or off-campus. Residencies are filling up quickly, according to the Comfort Inn on Sept. 4, there are only three rooms available out of 49. The rooms offered at the inn are exclusively for upperclassmen students.

Room amenities

Residents can expect regular hotelroom amenities as well as free maid service, an indoor pool, a modestly-sized gym, limited free parking and complimentary continental breakfast every morning from 6:30 a.m. – 9:30 a.m. Mendez Garcia believes there is plenty of food to go around and is glad to get a complimentary breakfast every morning.

“It’s kind of like the J here on campus, but a little less (items available),” Mendez Garcia said. “You can get as much as you want during breakfast. I am okay with it.”


The Comfort Inn is located about a seven minute drive from campus, a little more than two miles away. Comfort Inn residents have to rely on public transportation or ride sharing applications to get around. A shuttle service is in the works of being implemented by the university. “I believe the shuttle service is being worked on and should be posted soon, this is in addition to the public bus service…Cal Poly Humboldt will offer shuttle service for an extra convenience for the residents,” said Stephen St. Onge, associate vice president of student success, in an email to El Leñador.

There is no word on when that service will be fully offered or how much it would cost for residents to use. More information on the shuttle service will be released in the future, according to
St. Onge.

Safety at the Comfort Inn

The inn recently installed a perimeter fencing around the property that is keycard accessed by residents and employees only. The camera surveillance system, University Police and hotel staff patrol the property regularly, providing a 24-hour help desk service. Additionally, two Cal Poly Humboldt Resident Assistants stay at the Comfort Inn.

“I feel like it’s calmer over here,” said Mendez Garcia. “I’m from Oakland, I haven’t felt unsafe or anything. But I do carry around my pepper spray for sure.” According to the housing website, staying at the Comfort Inn saves you $1,326 per year on traditional housing rates for a double. Overall, Mendez Garcia and other residents believe it has not been a sorry experience since their time staying at the Comfort Inn. Many are just grateful they have a place to their name and are not “hounding” for a place to stay weeks already into the school year.

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