Title IX: Professor John Lee not teaching fall 2022

On April 18, USA Today released an article detailing a Title IX case against Cal Poly Humboldt Professor John Lee. An investigation found that Lee had groped and attempted to forcibly kiss two female colleagues in 2016. The case led to Lee being fired from his position as the Dean of the College of Professions, only for him to be rehired with maximum pay and tenure six months later using his retreat rights.

In spring 2022, John Lee was teaching two LSEE 308 classes, two LSEE 319 classes, a LSEE 453 Senior Seminar 1 and an activity course. After the story broke, students who felt uncomfortable and unsafe did not show up to class in protest about John Lee still teaching that semester. In El Leñador Vol. 18 Edition 4, the article “Cal Poly Humboldt Title IX case makes students uncomfortable,” by Victoria Olsen, students expressed a lack of trust with administration because of the lack of transparency regarding Lee’s conduct.

Where is John Lee in Fall 2022?

John Lee was scheduled to teach LSEE 317, LSEE 318 and LSEE 723 but according to the Office of the Registrar he is currently not teaching those courses or any courses this semester. These courses are being taught by Professor Brad Ballinger and Julie Van Sickle.

According to Libby R. Miller, Chair of the School of Education, John Lee will be teaching next semester. This decision was made by the PROVOST and dean at the College of Professions as a result of the USA Today article.

In a speech to returning faculty at the fall 2022 welcome event, President Jackson addressed the topic of Title IX. He said, “We’re a campus filled with secrets and I want you to know that.” In addition he said, “[Title IX] was designed to be private, confidential to solve a problem between individuals not meant to be public and scrutinized.”

El Leñador reached out to Shawnda Young, current chair of College of Professions, and PROVOST. Both declined to comment.

El Leñador reached out to Julie Van Sickle for comment and have not heard back.

Print Correction: Headline was spelled “Title XI” instead of “Title IX.”

Professor Heather Ballinger is not teaching LSEE 317 and 318 it is Professor Brad Ballinger who has taken over those courses.

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