‘Hot Girl’ Pandemic

Even in the midst of a pandemic getting ready and looking cute is definitely worth it. Putting on mascara, styling my hair, or wearing my favorite blue butterfly long sleeve gives me the strength to feel productive even though quarantine has created limitations to our abilities to show off our fashion. 

When the pandemic shut the world down I felt unmotivated to get ready and put on a good fit because it felt easier to lounge around the house in my PJs and oversized t-shirts. Since COVID-19 made the future so unpredictable, my experience through online education made me a bit hopeless to do anything. I knew something had to change. 

I decided to spend more time focusing on my style during the pandemic to feel good about myself and not lose my confidence, something that I didn’t have for a long time until I began to wear the fashion that made me feel beautiful. 

I noticed through this pandemic that waking up early to shower and get ready before any Zoom lecture I am more interactive with all my online classes. It’s the little things like having eyeliner and my eyebrows drawn in that make me motivated to do laundry, clean my house or do homework. 

Getting into my hot girl fit to go to any store excites my mind and I immediately get into diva mode to prepare myself for my fierce look. Putting on my Dr. Martens and stepping outside with a cool crop top or a beautiful dress with dangly big hoop earrings makes me feel beautiful and confident. I’m legit strutting down Target aisles shopping for essentials like toilet paper. 

Caring about my physical appearance and style has been keeping me grounded as we continue to live under a mask. 

Even though I have to do college through my laptop while lying in bed or sitting on the living room couch, it feels a lot better when I have my hair done, my lashes popping, and my Dr. Martens on. Putting on the perfect outfit for the day makes me feel like I can take on anything that comes my way. 

Featured image by Kathy Zamora

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