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‘Jane the Virgin’ final season review

If you haven’t seen season five of “Jane the Virgin”, let alone the series in general, then this is your warning that spoilers will be included in this review so read with caution.

Netflix finally added the final season of “Jane the Virgin” and naturally, I wasn’t ready for a show I loved so much to end. With that being said, I finished all 19 episodes in two days. The season ends just how you want it; with the main character, Jane Villanueva, getting her happy ending, but not without a couple of bumps along the way.

Actress Gina Rodriguez (who plays Jane) at the 2014 Alma Awards

After Jane was accidentally artificially inseminated, she found that going to school, working, and her love life started to get messy. Her baby daddy, Rafael Solano, owned the hotel she worked at and her longtime boyfriend, Michael Cordero, had a problem with it. There was a love triangle in the mix until Jane married Michael, and they lived happily ever after. Until he died.

The season started with a quick recap of what happened in the last season and then right where we last saw Jane.

Since Jane was married to Michael before he “died,” they had to figure out if they still wanted to be together. They realized that they would always love each other, but they were at new points in their lives and wanted different things. So Jane and Rafael decided to get back together and instead of starting again they picked up where they left off. They continued their relationship and got married. Jane was now married to her baby’s father and my heart cried because I was always, and forever will be, team Rafael.

This show was the first show I watched that was mostly in English but the characters were mostly Latinx. The main characters were played by Gina Rodriguez, Andrea Navado and Ivonne Coll. These are three strong Latina women, that was something I had never seen before and I’m glad that I was able to.

Justin Baldoni plays Rafael in “Jane the Virgin”.

The show was relatable in, not only the way that the stars looked like me and spoke the same language as me, but also in the struggles they went through. They showed struggles with immigration, discrimination and having to work harder than anyone else because they were a minority. With all that being said, it was also entertaining and light hearted.

It was the perfect ending to the perfect story and there were no questions left that needed answers. If you’re looking for a sappy, romantic and dramatic show to watch, then I recommend this show 100%.

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