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Graduates look fly with DIY’s

Three ways to make budget friendly DIY graduation caps

Graduation is quickly approaching and as I sit here drowning in finals and unfinished projects, I remember the fact that I have commencement to worry about too.

There are so many costs involved at the end of the college experience that every new purchase makes me cringe. The costs of caps, gowns, tassels and cords are dismal even when simply renting them.

Finding ways to save more money is key during this time in the semester and learning how you can get creative with what you already have.

These budget friendly and easy DIY’s show you that you can have a cute and creative graduation cap without breaking the bank at Michael’s.

DIY number one: Paper flowers


  • Five coffee filters
  • Scissors
  • Tape
Figure 1A | photo by Celeste Alvarez

DIY number two: Paper butterflies


  • Two square pieces of decorative paper
  • Scissors
  • Thin ribbon
Figure 1B | photo by Celeste Alvarez

DIY number three: Pom Poms


  • Yarn
  • A fork
  • Scissors
Figure 1C | photo by Celeste Alvarez


Take a coffe filter and with your fingers pinch the center of the filter and gather the filter together to make a cone-like shape. (Figure 1A) Repeat this with the next four filters.


Grab one square piece of paper and turn it 90 degrees to create a diamond shape. Accordion (this is when you fold a piece of paper multiple times to create an almost zig zag pattern) fold the paper diamond, doing tiny, thick sections at a time. (Figure 1B) Repeat with the other pieces of paper.


Cut a one yard (three feet) piece of yarn (this will make a one inch pom pom) and one six inch piece of yarn. Wrap the yard length piece of yarn around the width of the fork. (Figure 1C)

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