David Josiah Lawson: 28 Month Vigil Set for September 15

Charmaine Lawson provides an update on Josiah’s case

Two years after the death of Humboldt State University student (HSU), David Josiah Lawson, his mother Charmaine Lawson continues to search for answers and justice. 

“I’m going to make sure the case remains open and investigated,” Charmaine said. 

Meanwhile, she continues to wait for an outside review of the case from the National Police Foundation, an independent non-profit organization based in Washington D.C. 

The review, Charmaine said she was expecting six months ago, will examine how Arcata Police officers handled the case from the very first call received on April 17, 2017, to the handling of the case and its investigation. 

According to Charmaine, about two city council meetings ago, supporters of Justice for David Josiah Lawson asked Arcata’s City Manager, Karen Diemer, when the review would be available and she said by the end of the year. 

“I’m going to fight for my son until justice is served for David Josiah Lawson.”

Charmaine Lawson

Investigators from the National Police Foundation flew to Southern California to interview Charmaine, in what she said it was a four hour interview. 

“Where the hell is this report?” Charmaine said.

After a Criminal Grand Jury decided not to indict anyone for the murder of Lawson earlier this year on February 28, Lawson’s mother is determined to fight for justice and spread awareness.

“This could of happened to any student at HSU,” she said. “I encourage students of Humboldt County to get involved.” She also encourages students to register to vote. “You cannot sit in power to make decisions only for people that look like you,” she added.

Since the death of Lawson, a vigil has been held every 15th of the month at the Arcata Plaza. September will mark 28 months since his murder, the vigil will continue at 6 p.m. 

“Your presence is needed at the plaza,” Charmaine said.

During the 2019 HSU graduation commencement, Charmaine walked the
stage and received an honorary posthumous degree on her son’s behalf. Lawson was studying criminology, and wanted to become a lawyer.

“I’m going to fight for my son until justice is served for David Josiah Lawson,” Charmaine said.

A PBS documentary on Lawson is expected on Oct. 15.

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