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ADPIC traditional clothing showcase served cultured looks on the runway

Cal Poly Humboldt’s Asian, Desi & Pacific Islander Middle Eastern North African Collective (ADPIC-MENA) hosted a traditional clothing showcase on March 21 in the Goodwin Forum. The forum was decorated with a red velvet carpet, six rows of chairs, and a snack bar for the guests. 

The idea for the showcase was inspired by the former Global Connection Club at Cal Poly Humboldt for international students. The showcase held 26 to 27 pieces of clothing including Cantonese, Japanese, Mexican, Chinese, and Indian origin. A total of 15 models volunteered for the showcase. Some of the clothing modeled belonged to Alyssa Huynh, Hyun-Kyung and Meenal Rana.

ADPIC Head Coordinator Alyssa Huynh modeling a Hanfu, of Chinese origin. Photo by Joahanna Tool.

“Our ADPIC coordinator Alyssa kinda came up with this new idea to give the staff experience hosting an event,” said Povheng Yam. 

One of the pieces was with a magenta and beige multi-functional scarf worn over black clothing. Yam explained that the multi-functional scarf has a dark history, it symbolizes the Cambodian genocide, “ Everyone is reminded of the hard times when they see it, they recognize it.” 

Two dresses stood out at the end of the showcase, for their flowy movement and passionate models. 

Nancy Canovas and Kelly Ramon wear traditional Jalisco dresses used in Folklorico performances. Photo by Ocean Edgar.

“Most of the members are like a family, they come to help when they have time. We don’t ask for volunteers; many people come. I really appreciate it,” Yam said. 

ADPIC-MENA is open to anyone who wants to volunteer. They have many events such as art days and Lilian’s tea time. Meet every Wednesday from five to six p.m. in Nelson Hall 215 for a club meeting. 

You can find the club @humboldt.adpic aka ADPI-MENA

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