Cal Poly Humboldt receives 20,025 applications for fall 2023

Cal Poly Humboldt has received 20,025 applications from potential students to attend the university’s fall 2023 undergraduate program and about 17,000 applicants have been admitted, according to an email sent by Provost Communications on April 3.

“We typically admit 85% of our applicants, which is true this year,” said CPH Interim Director of Admissions Kip Darcy.

According to Darcy, the number of prospective students who will enroll is still uncertain but the university anticipates a minimum of 2,750 and that number will not be capped.

“We do not cap new student enrollment – we carefully manage the process by adjusting application deadlines and available majors,” Darcy said.

There are eight new majors that are coming in the fall that are a part of the areas of engineering, technology, applied science and science.

“Majors are generally even with last year or up. We introduced eight new undergraduate majors this year for which there has been significant interest,” Darcy said. In the IRAR applicants report it shows an overall increase in the student race and ethnicity categories from fall 2022 to fall 2023.

“Early indicators are that our gender and ethnicity categories are tracking to the prior year, which are publically available [Tableau.calstate.edu]. It is too early to publish a profile for Fall ’23 – we have six weeks left in the yield process,” Darcy said.

The enrollment opens for incoming transfer students is April 21 and June 19 for incoming freshmen. For more information on the new majors visit the CPH website.

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