CouRaGeouS Cuentos Vol. 5 Celebration Event 

CouRaGeouS Cuentos, a student-run publishing journal, will be hosting their volume 5 release party on April 27. A virtual party on Zoom will be held from 4 – 5:30 p.m. and an in-person celebration will be held at the Cal Poly Humboldt Library Fishbowl  from 6 – 7 p.m. The event will have live readings, music, raffles and will conclude the night at the Chicano Batman concert at the Arcata Theater Lounge.  

CouRaGeouS Cuentos started in 2016 by students from the Department of Critical Race, Gender & Sexuality Studies (CRGS) at Cal Poly Humboldt. CouRaGeouS Cuentos is supported by the CRGS Department, Creando Raíces Learning Community, Dr. Marisol Ruiz and the Promotorx Transformative Educators Program, and the DHSI Education Grant. CRGS students wanted this journal to be a platform to make their stories and counternarratives available to their families, communities and future students.

Volume 5 is a collection of memorable short stories, compelling poetry, timeless vignettes highlighting the complexities of growing up in complicated households, building community as a form of empowerment, creating bonds through cultural practices, new friends and difficult circumstances. 

These themes and more, reflect on the realities of our local community and beyond. CouRaGeouS Cuentos prioritizes these narratives because we understand first hand that the voices of the people in our community deserve to be celebrated, heard, and most of all, published.

Volume 5 will be made available online in Cal Poly Humboldt Digital Commons and free hard copies will be made available upon release on campus and in the local community.

The event will conclude at the Chicano Batman concert, to attend you will need to purchase tickets at: https://www.arcatatheatre.com/
You can register for CouRaGeouS Cuentos virtual event here: https://bit.ly/crgscuentos2022

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