Fuente Nueva one month update

It has been more than a month since Arcata Police Department’s mishandling of a reported firearm threat to Fuente Nueva on Sept. 22.

Fuente Nueva

Charter Director at Fuente Nueva Beth Wylie said that after the community meeting held on Oct. 3 regarding what had occurred on Sept. 22, “APD had reached out to provide the requested Diversity, Equity and Inclusion trainings held at their department.” 

APD has also committed to hold an active shooter drill and active shooter training specific to Fuente Nueva sometime in April 2023. 

“As a school we are exploring how we may follow up with next steps and are moving forward with the intention of finding a way to bring other schools and families into the discussion as the impacts of what occurred on Sept. 22 go beyond the Fuente Nueva community,” Wylie said.

When asked about parental reaction she said, “The primary feedback I have received is gratitude for the way the space was held for the difficult dialogue that took place.” 

Wylie mentioned that there have been mixed reactions from parents where some felt confident in APD. However, some parents were left dissatisfied and frustrated about the experience that Kathy Zamora had with being investigated as the possible threat. 

APD and Cal Poly Humboldt

APD Chief of Police Brian Ahearn said that the Fuente Nueva address and phone number has now been updated in their system. If a situation were to arise at Fuente Nueva, APD would have the ability to call and notify the school. 

Cal Poly Humboldt has yet to send out a correction for their email about what had occurred at Fuente Nueva on Sept. 22. 

CPH Student involved

Kathy Zamora, the Cal Poly Humboldt student at the center of the altercation on Sept. 22, has yet to file a complaint to the police and is still weighing her options. 

Zamora plans on writing a letter to the University about the inaccurate email that was sent on Sept. 27 about what had happened to Zamora and Sept. 30 email about Critical Race, Gender & Sexuality Studies program faculty receiving threatening packages. She questions as to why they send these emails. 

“Are y’all [CPH] going to address that? Is it just to protect yourselves?” said Zamora. 

Nobody from CPH has reached out to Zamora since the first meeting on Sept. 27, where Kimbery White, representing CPH’s Provost (Senior Administrative Officer) attended. 

El Leñador reached out to CPH MARCOM for a statement about the meetings that took place at Fuente Nueva and what the school is doing and was sent back the same email sent on Sept. 27. 

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