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‘Nope,’ a must-see or a flop?

Let’s get into it! The movie “Nope” was utterly hyped from the beginning, people on almost all socials were discussing the film with extremely mixed reviews. I had to see it for myself. One review posted on the The Shade Room Twitter page said, “We need the old Peele back, his last two movies were a flop.”

In July 2022, Jordan Peele’s film ‘Nope’ was released and what was supposed to be a yet a seemingly interesting sci-fi horror film, starring the incredibly entertaining Keke Palmer and the stunningly handsome chocolate Daniel Kaluuya (who was the main leading character in the film ‘Get Out’). Was indeed the opposite.

Being a super fan of horror films, the assumption of this movie being amazing was at an all-time high. Another plus to watch the film was Palmer, she is literally a comedian on and off screen. Third reason is that man Kaluuya is a god! He has only evolved from once starting in the British television series “Skins” in 2007 to now, starring roles.

The evolution in his acting and looks is giving. Although there were tons of mixed reviews I wanted to make sure I went into this movie with an open mind and clear heart. The film was greatly created, the cinematography gave a 90’s western movie vibe. Plus the fashion that Palmer wore gave 90’s nostalgia from the costumes to utilizing horses for different scenes.

The film and the plot were very slow and about midway to the end of the film, it was losing momentum for me. This is what you will experience watching this film, you’ll experience a significant amount of suspense, laughter, annoyance, and “why would you do that” moments, even jumping for certain parts of the film.

The best intense part of the film is during a night scene in the barn area where Kaluuya is trying
to figure out where one of his horses is and unexpected terrestrial beings aretaunting him. This scene was well done, primarily because in most films people stay and try to investigate what’s going on, but Kaluuya insisted on saying, “nope” and running directly out of the barn.

ICONIC! But all in all, this film was not worth the $9.50 spent. The antagonist, the alien blimp seemed completely unrealistic. I just don’t see people in the real world being scared of floating scarves in the sky… it was ridiculous.

Author Mark Kermode, a weekly movie critic from The Guardian, a British daily newspaper, made a comparison between ‘Nope’ and ‘Bird Box’. The film starring Sandra Bullock released in Dec. 2018, on Netflix about people staring into the sky and seconds later committing suicide is very similar to the film ‘Nope’, due to O.J. played by Kaluuya mentioning that the beast doesn’t like to be stared at, “As all humans can feel.” Kermode rated ‘Nope’ a 3/5 stars. That’s a pretty fair rating for a basic sci-fi horror film.

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