Monkeypox Update: Vaccine eligibility, on-campus update

Humboldt County Department of Healthand Human Services (DHHS) has reportedly ordered nearly 550 doses of the Jynneos Monkeypox vaccine. The Jynneos vaccine is the primary vaccine being used within the U.S. to prevent the spread of the disease. Earlier this month the DHHS received 100 doses of the vaccine and are currently authorizing health care providers to start vaccinating anyone who falls under the high risk category for Monkeypox.

Vaccine eligibility

In accordance with the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) those that are considered in high risk for Monkeypox are people who are gay, bisexual, cisgender and transgender men who have
sex with men or transgender women, who fall under one or more of the following listed below:

• Those who have been diagnosed with a bacterial sexually transmitted disease in the past three months
• Have been diagnosed within the last 12 months with an STI
• Individuals who have HIV or have been recommended to use HIV PrEP

• Have engaged in chemsex * Combination of being under the influence of drugs and sex.
• Have engaged in group sex in the time span of seven days
• Have frequented sex-on-premises venues in the past seven days

According to the DHHS those who are also eligible for a vaccine include:
• Sex workers of any gender

• Individuals who are homeless, or experience intermittent homelessness and are considered at risk for contracting Monkeypox

• People living in residential substance use treatment centers who may be at risk of
exposure for Monkeypox

On campus update

On Aug. 30, Cal Poly Humboldt sent out an email to students regarding the Monkeypox outbreak. The email urged students who may have been exposed or are feeling symptomatic to reach out to the Student Health and Wellbeing Services. The administration also encourages students who fall into the high risk category to contact the Student Health Center for an assessment and guidance on how to
obtain a vaccine.

The only reported case of Monkeypox in Humboldt County was Aug. 5. At the time of writing this article, Humboldt County has no new reported cases.

On Aug. 9, the Federal Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced an emergency approval for health care providers to intradermally administer one-fifth of the Jynneos vaccine. According to the FDA this can increase the amount of available vaccines by five-fold. If you are at high risk for Monkeypox contact your healthcare provider in order to receive a vaccine.

To date, there has been one reported death in the U.S from Monkeypox on Aug. 30 in Texas. The patient however was severely immunocompromised. Any person is able to become infected with Monkeypox regardless of their sexual orientation. If you have come into contact with anyone with Monkeypox or feel any symptoms please contact your healthcare provider immediately.

If you are a student and are looking for more information on Monkeypox contact Student Health and Wellbeing by phone: (707) 826-3146 or email: health@humboldt.edu.

If you are living in the Humboldt County area and are looking for more information or you are experiencing symptoms of Monkeypox contact Humboldt County Health and Human Services at (707) 445-6200.

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