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HSU alum opens soul food truck

After years of selling soul food plates as a source of income while being a student and mother, Humboldt State University alum, LaToya Fields opened Razz Ma Tazz food truck in June 2021. Fields graduated in 2018 with a major in kinesiology and a minor in business.

Now, Fields has dedicated the food truck business to her daughter, Taziyah and has had multiple conversations with the future of it’s purpose.

“I’ve always been a type of village person, my mom did foster care so it’s always been the village,” Fields said. “I am very big on the village and I have every intention of this being a village business. If you’re willing to work I’m willing to work with you.”

Originally from Compton, Fields grew up with her mother fostering many youths and she continues to care for those that are a part of her community. Cooking has always been a part of Fields’ life. Her mother, fostering many youth growing up made them cook in big amounts and that’s the only way Fields can cook.

“I got lots of kids coming up and lots of kids that I care about that I want to see and I’m hoping that this business can be something that helps them start off,” Fields said. “If this is your high school job and you can come and do this, you’ll have a job that will pay enough to pay for your car. You’ll have a job that will help you go to school when it’s time.”

Her intention is to create something sustainable that everyone working on staff can benefit from. Fields wants to make sure that she is creating a space where teenagers can have a reliable and flexible job so they can still participate in music, sports or other activities. It’s supposed to create the opportunity for dreams to be achieved.

When people first start working at Razz Ma Tazz Fields ask, “What is your goal?” Fields wants to help them achieve that goal by mentoring staff as they work. As a mentor Fields plans gigs and talks about how much of them they need to do to achieve that goal for them.

“It’s community. That’s what makes me want to stay. That’s what makes me want to keep my prices low,” Fields said. “Because the community has taken care of me in such a way that I want to make sure I have returned that favor. It’s not so much about being a billionaire or making all of the money as it’s about providing good tasting food at a price people can afford.

Razz Ma Tazz can be found on their Facebook @razzmatazz.soulfood or their Instagram page @razz_ma_tazz_soulfood with updates on where they will be parked next and what times they will be open for business.

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