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Zoom Personalities: Who do you have in your Zoom class?

By Leslie Arjon-Rodriguez & Lupita Rivera

Now that most classes are being held virtually on Zoom, people’s personalities stand out in new ways. Whether they participate or not, the various virtual personalities of our peers are hard to miss. Not only at Humboldt State University, but all around the world, these are some of the Zoom personalities.

  1. Techies – These people have high tech headsets, pcs, and are probably
    the gamers.
  2. Foreheads – Camera on but only showing their foreheads. So they
    push their screens all the way back so only their foreheads are on zoom.
  3. Early Birds – Get to zoom class minutes before lecture starts with
    their cameras on, hair done, ready to go and maybe even full face of
  4. Bed Heads – The people don’t leave their beds. You are able to tell
    that they are half asleep. They stay in bed during their zoom calls.
  5. Disguisers – Have the zoom virtual backgrounds to hide their messy
  6. Robots – The people have bad mics or maybe even bad connections.
    They sound like robots and aliens.
  7. Eaters – Pretty self explanatory, students that eat with their camera on.
  8. Fearless – We all have those fearless classmates that drink their alcohol and smoke during the lectures.
  9. Pet Showers – We all love to show off our pets. But these students
    think it’s a show and tell moment, they hold their pets making it a
  10. Professionals – It might be the professors or maybe even some students, this includes them having that fancy setup and formal outfits.
  11. Emoji Throwers – Some of the students are too shy to verbally respond so they give emoji reactions. For example, only give thumbs up instead of saying yes.
  12. Void – These students don’t have their cameras on or their mics. No one really knows how these students look or sound.

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