New ITEPP coordinator aims to support students

The Indian Tribal & Educational Personnel Program has appointed Cal Poly Humboldt Alumni Sasheen Raymond as its new coordinator. Raymond, who is of Hoopa and Yurok descent, stepped into the role of ITEPP coordinator in June.

The focus of Raymond’s position as coordinator is to oversee the vision and purpose of ITEPP to ensure that this space continues for future generations of students. 

“Our purpose essentially is to support students in their academic journeys, navigating the higher education system and really promoting a high level of confidence and self-efficacy,” Raymond said.

ITEPP provides support to students through culturally responsive academic advising, as well as student to staff mentorship. Another focus at ITEPP is to create a safe space that will ideally extend to students after they graduate. 

“I have a very unique position in that I have to collaborate with off-campus partners, tribes —-which again operate as sovereign nations, the administration here on campus, the students, and then the surrounding community which includes alumni,” Raymond said. 

While a student at CPH, Raymond was constantly surrounded by peers who were involved in ITEPP. Over time, Raymond began volunteering with ITEPP and offering extra support. 

“Previous to this, I was a Native recruiter for a period and my office was housed here in the ITEPP house, which was lovely because then I was really able to engage with the current students and really kind of understand what was going on with them,” Raymond said. 

Raymond graduated with a masters degree in organizational leadership with an emphasis on higher education and plans to continue in higher education. Currently Raymond is working to attain a doctorate degree in global leadership with an Indegenous focus.

“I think my biggest thing is often we tell students, specifically students of color and especially Native students, that higher education institutions are accessible and that they belong here,” Raymon said. “But for us, it’s really going one step further and it’s not about belonging, it’s about ownership.”

ITEPP building is located on Harpst Street at Brero House #93. For more information, visit their website itepp.humboldt.edu or follow them on Instagram @cph_itepp.

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