Deal or No Deal?

This is much more than just a wall.

A symbol of anti-immigration, racism and hate, this wall only works for Trump and his supporters. “

– Vanessa Flores

A border wall between Mexico and the U.S. remains President Donald Trump’s top priority. What seems to be an unwatchable game of “Deal or No Deal” between Trump and Democrats, his promises of a wall remain in an empty case.

But this is much more than just a wall. And, he’s not ready to stop the game.

Trump launched his campaign by insulting Mexicans: “They’re not our friends,” he said. “They’re bringing drugs. They’re bringing crime. They’re rapists. And some, I assume, are good people.” This was a campaign built on hate, racism and ignorance; and this wall is an undeniable symbol of that.

The president continues to tell a fabricated story of an invasion, a national crisis, of drugs and criminals, at the southern border. He has requested $5 billion for a wall, that would clearly address his personal issues with immigrants.

His antagonistic comments about immigrants didn’t stop during his campaign, it carried on into the White House.

Early into the start of 2018, during a meeting with a group of senators, Trump asked, “Why do we want all these people from ‘shithole countries’ coming here?” He was referring to Haiti, African nations and El Salvador; an evident issue, the president, has with people of color.

Yet, the president insists that this is about national security and the well-being of the American people. He insists that this wall is the solution to problems that don’t exist.

According to factcheck.org, apprehensions on the southwest border peaked in 2000 at 1.64 million, and have generally declined since, totaling 396,579 in 2018. Studies also show that a growing proportion of the undocumented population legally entered the country on visas but overstayed their visas.

Also, his reputation is now on the line, and the pressure from conservatives, his supporters and Republicans are driving Trump into a frenzy.

Ann Coulter, a political commentator, has made condemnatory statements about Trump’s empty promises. “A joke presidency that scammed the American people with promises of a wall,” said, Coulter in December.

And recently, Tomi Lahren, a host on Fox News, has titled her opinion piece, ‘President Trump, do NOT let us down — Build that wall.’  

A symbol of anti-immigration, racism and hate, this wall only works for Trump and his supporters.

Trump walked away from a $20 billion package deal back in Jan. 2018. That would’ve allowed for a wall to be built in exchange for path to citizenship, but of course he didn’t like that.  

Now, in the middle of another potential partial government shutdown, Trump has said that he is ready to bypass Congress and use the powers granted to him under the laws and Constitution of the United States to address this non-existent emergency.

With no bipartisan deal in his near reach, it’s time to stop gambling with the future of this country.

Graphic by Mikaylah Rivas

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