Friendly face and an open door

In an office space in the process of being organized, Chryste Johnson smiles and welcomes students to come in anytime for
a chat or to solve any problem.

“My door is opened, I’ve opened our policy,” Johnson said. “If I’m in here and you want to talk, and if I’m not in here, please shoot me an email I’m quick to answer.”

Johnson is the new interim coordinator for the African American Center for Academic Excellence. Since her interim chief position ends mid-April, she said she wants to do as much as she can in the little time that she has.

She’s originally from Los Angeles and relocated to Humboldt in 1999, she began school at Humboldt State University. In 2004, she received her bachelor’s in psychology along with a minor in leadership studies and in 2012 she received her master’s in social work.

She also works as a professional and academic coach with the social work department for their online students.

“My job is to orient students to campus and to point them in the right direction,” she said.

Johnson has been in Humboldt for a total of 20 years, and has held various jobs on-and-off campus; she said knows the community pretty well.

Her favorite places to eat off-campus are Los Giles and Carmela’s, since her favorite food is Mexican. Johnson says that the BSS is her favorite building because they have the Native forum.

“I love that room,” Johnson said. “That room right there, it was built and designed with Indigenous people in mind. The intention of that space is to bring energy and that energy is good.”

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