Meet HSU’s New Title IX Coordinator

In a person’s lifetime they might not get many opportunities to travel, but for Marcus Winder that was never the case. His experiences have motivated him to help others.

Winder is Humboldt State University’s new Title IX Coordinator, but has approximately eight years of experience working in community colleges as well as private and public schools under student conduct and Title IX.  

Title IX covers a broad scope of issues including dating violence, sexual violence, discrimination, retaliation and stalking.  

“I want to help no matter what a person is experiencing or dealing with,” Winder said.

Photo by Jose Herrera

Throughout his years working in Title IX and student affairs, Winder has found consistency in legal training to be important.

“If you don’t have the proper trainings of the legislation or state laws then you can’t be properly effective in your position as a Title IX Coordinator,” Winder said.

Winder grew up moving from place to place because his mother was in the U.S. Navy for 20 years. He lived half his childhood in Asia and also lived in multiple U.S. states.  

He said that the move to HSU from Washington, D.C., wasn’t an issue since he moves so often. 

Those experiences have lead him to creating relationships with different types of people whether they are military people, transgendered people, or people with different cultures and sexual orientations.

“I know that it’s important to be heard and for their words to be respected,” Winder said. “I try to take that with me and use that in my job everyday.”

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