UPDATE: Planned CFA Teach-in on campus tomorrow

Photo by Peyton Leone

Humboldt California Faculty Association members will stand in solidarity with student protestors in the SAC Quad starting Wednesday, April 24 at noon.

An email was sent out to CPH faculty members to encourage them to come join the gathering, in response to police violence against students. CFA is demanding that no academic sanctions for student protestors and that law enforcement take no more action against student protesters who have occupied the Siemens Hall building since Monday afternoon.

CFA sent an email out to faculty saying, “While the campus is closed we invite union siblings, fellow faculty members, and members of the public to show support and come to the CFA Teach-in on related issues tomorrow, Wednesday 4/24 from 12-4pm. We ask that the administration and local law enforcement support and encourage those efforts.”

“It’s a casual drop in, to learn and participate,” said CFA Field Representative, Maureen Loughran. 

Chair of faculty rights Loren Cannon expressed that even though the campus is closed, learning doesn’t stop. There are going to be faculty and student speakers at the quad. 

“CFA recognizes there’s a lot of learning to be had from this context,” said Loren Cannon. 

The gathering will be a teaching experience and CFA members invite students, faculty and union siblings to share music ideas and food. 

“That didn’t need to happen, our students are our community,” said Cannon when speaking about student arrests and violence from law enforcement at Monday’s protest. “We’re a community, we need to talk about it,” said Cannon. 

There may also be a “Take back the night rally” with the Women’s Resource Center at 5 p.m. but this has not been entirely confirmed yet. 

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