Wiyot Day 2018

by Jose Herrera

In an open field of soft browns and yellows, the wafting scent of smoking salmon and the squeals of delighted children welcomed the outside community for Wiyot Day.

On Aug. 25, the Wiyot Tribe organized their annual event to provide an opportunity for the whole community to come together and celebrate Wiyot culture, and honor their elders and veterans at Table Bluff Reservation in Loleta, California.

“I come and support Wiyot Day because they’re our cousins,” Hoopa Valley Tribe member Thomas Joseph said. “To come out here and stand in solidarity with the Wiyot people is important to uplift and empower them as the local indigenous nation.”

Wiyot Day featured dance and cultural demonstrations, a Stick Game, card game tournament, live music, games for kids, vendors and dinner.  

In the center of the field, a ring of haystacks signified a gathering point for event attendees. There, colorful performances from Wiyot Tribe members and the soulful beats of drums rung high.

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