Radio Bilingüe

Radio Bilingue is on the air at 103.3 FM. Tune in!

You can listen with this link, which will open a player in a new window.

Radio Bilingüe is a community-based radio network with a satellite system that reaches scores of affiliates throughout the U.S., Mexico and Puerto Rico as well as its own seven stations in California, three in New Mexico, one in Arizona and one in Colorado. Programming is also available via internet at Radio Bilingüe’s website (
Radio Bilingüe first went on-air in 1980. Radio Bilingüe started as a small grassroots radio station serving the California Central Valley’s Latino farmworkers. Since then, it’s become a powerful source of news and cultural information for all Latinos. Radio Bilingüe operates five community radio stations in California. And through a 24-hour public radio satellite, Radio Bilingüe also reaches out to listeners in nearly 80 communities across the United States, Puerto Rico and parts of Mexico.
As a nonprofit radio network with Latino control and leadership, Radio Bilingüe is the only producer of national Spanish-language programming in the public radio system. Its goal is to serve the Latino community with innovative cultural and informational programming, and to foster multicultural understanding within the larger community. Through this mission, Radio Bilingüe also offers important public access to the airwaves to other underserved members of our communities: African Americans, Hmong and Pacific Islanders.