The Mutual Aid Kitchen at occupied Cal Poly Humboldt

by Ben Hernandez

The Mutual Aid Kitchen, also known as the MAK, consists two pop up tents on south side of the university quad. The MAK is a communal supply cache, which has been available to students, faculty, and community members since Tuesday, April 23. 

On the second day of the protest, fold-out tables and a tent were set up in front of the eastern barricaded entrance of Siemens Hall. By noon the same day, the tents and tables had become a kitchen and stockpile of supplies for those gathered on the quad.

By day 5 of the protest, when the main doors of Siemens Hall were opened, the MAK was moved to the south side of the quad by the Music B building. 

“No one’s officially running the MAK, we’re all just pitching in and helping out and rotating shifts as people show up,” said Jesenia, a wildlife major who has worked several shifts at the MAK.

The MAK is equipped with propane camping stoves and a dishwashing station. Additionally, MAK has received deliveries from Food Not Bombs, a collective that normally cooks and serves meals on the Arcata Plaza every Sunday. 

“We’ll continue to provide food as long as the community and Food Not Bombs keep providing resources to us as well,” said Jesenia.

So far the MAK has had a varied menu, consisting of soups, mac and cheese, salads, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, and food donated by Food Not Bombs.

“One of the only reasons we’ve been able to maintain this is all through community donations,” said Jesenia. 

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