Centro del Pueblo offers Underserved Community Grants of up to 5k

by Alexis Sarmiento

Centro del Pueblo invites individuals from underserved communities to propose creative projects. Topics that address a range of areas, including but not limited to, awareness, education, visibility and representation. Grants can range from $500 to $5,000.

“El Centro is encouraging people to share their talents and bring back some inspiration from their hometown and culture,” said Brenda Perez, main coordinator of CDP.

These funds became available when Humboldt Creative Alliance (HCA) worked with Humboldt County’s Board of Supervisors to put $50,000 towards supporting projects from diverse backgrounds. Including BIPOC, LGBTQ+, People with Disabilities and other underserved communities. 

The money is entrusted to groups by HCA to manage and decide how funds get dispersed.

Daniel Chaidez AKA  “Ashy,” a senior at Cal Poly Humboldt studying botany,  has been working as a liaison for CDP since September and helps out with gardening initiatives.

Chaidez says that one only needs a rough draft for the project, and can be able to provide a timeline budget for it. Chaidez hopes that this funding can be brought back yearly because of the legislation that is supporting it.

“I hope that culture can be celebrated and shared amongst the community through this wonderful project,” Chaidez says. 

All activities related to the Underserved Communities Fund should benefit the community and be free of charge to anyone choosing to attend. Applicants must live in Humboldt County and the proposed project must be located in Humboldt County. It’s encouraged for members of historically marginalized communities, residents, and immigrants in rural locations to apply. 

“Regardless of the terms this grant will bring justice to the people who have been deprived from accessing grants like these,” Perez says. 

The deadline to apply is March 15, 2024. If approved, applicants will need to submit a report including photos and a statement about the use of their grant by November 15th, 2024

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