Faculty union will strike four at CSU campuses

The California Faculty Association will hold four one day strikes at different campuses between Dec. 4-7.

Strikes will happen on the following dates and locations.

  • December 4, Cal Poly Pomona
  • December 5, San Francisco State
  • December 6, CSU Los Angeles
  • December 7, Sacramento State

Cal Poly Humboldt is not a part of the initial strikes but could participate in other strikes. Strikes will continue throughout the California State University system if CSU does not agree to what the union wants in their new contract.

The CFA website says that members on strike will,

“…refrain from teaching and any other work we would normally do for the CSU on the day(s) of the strike, and we would organize picket lines and rallies on the campus(es). Educators on strike do not grade, answer work emails, or perform other faculty work. The withholding of labor includes all in-person and virtual work. “

On Dec. 1 a Fact Finder report that offers recommendations to CSU about the contract with the CFA became public.

One major issue being discussed is a general salary increase. The CFA demands a 12% increase in this contract to give faculty a living wage and keep up with inflation. After the Fact Finders report, the CSU raised their offer to a minimum 22% increase over 4 years.

Other parts of the contract that are being debated are parental leave, benefits, campus police activity, higher starting salaries for lecturers and hiring more counselors.

Marisol Ruiz, Cal Poly Humboldt’s CFA chapter president, plans to attend the one day strike at SF State to show solidarity with the other CFA campuses.

“We’re going to start with these four campuses to give them a taste, see if they’ll come to the table, and then we’ll escalate,” said Ruiz

Ruiz said that taking a personal day off to be in solidarity with other CFA members is important work for creating a better learning environment for students.

“This is our livelihood. This is the livelihood of our lecturers, of our counselors.” said Ruiz.

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