Cultural housing continues for returning students

Statistics sourced from Fall Admissions Profile. | Graphic by Ruby Cayenne

Cal Poly Humboldt Housing has confirmed that they will preserve the cultural placed based housing program for all grade levels in fall 2023.

Cultural placed based housing at CPH is a program for students to room with others from similar backgrounds as themselves.

“Housing has opened up additional areas for Cultural communities; Sankofa, La Comunidad, and Native Living,” said Grant M. Scott-Goforth, communications specialist at CPH Marketing and Communications. “These communities will exist for students at all grade levels.The Rainbow/Gender Inclusive area will remain an option open to all students and continue to be located in the Creekview area.”

This all comes after current students found out that they would not be allowed to live on campus due to an influx of new freshman and transfer students. Continuing students would be limited to applying to “bridge housing.”

These locations are the Super 8, Motel 6 and Comfort Inn. After student protests, Creekview and College Creek Apartments on campus became available for returning students in addition to the off-campus sites.

Chrissy Holiday, vice president for Enrollment Management and Student Success, wrote in a Feb. 10 letter titled ‘Update on Housing Options for Returning Students,’ “Even with this update, University housing is still limited, and while we’ll do our best to accommodate all those who want housing, you may be placed on a waitlist.”

According to the Fall Admissions Profile data for fall 2022, 9,236 students were admitted and 1,756 students enrolled in. 16,422 students have been admitted for fall 2023. The full number of those students who choose to enroll in classes won’t be known until registration ends on Sept. 4, according to the Office of the Registrars website.

Students are allowed to break their current leases in order to search for off-campus housing free of penalty through a housing license agreement appeal. But must give 30-day notice to receive a prorated refund.

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