Two Arrests made in CPH student assault

Two Fortuna residents have been arrested in connection to the assault of Caden Cuevas Oct. 23 2022 outside the Arcata Theater Lounge (ATL). Emaniel Herrera-cortes, 21, and Aldair Ramirezvera, 21, were booked on Jan. 25, according to Arcata Police Department Lieutenant Chris Ortega.

Cal Poly Humboldt (CPH) student Caden Cuevas, 28, encountered his assailants at the Arcata Theater Lounge where he asked them to refrain from saying the n-word. After the group began to call him the n-word and other names, he decided to walk away and carry on with his night. Hours later his attackers confronted Cuevas and his friend Nathan Cruz, which led to the assault.

Cuevas nearly died after sustaining a broken left orbital socket, a fractured neck and subdural hematoma (blood collecting between the skull and the brain). He had to undergo a six hour emergency surgery to drain 95% of the blood in his skull.

Both were arrested for felony assault with Ramirezvera being additionally charged with aggravated battery causing serious bodily injury.

As of Jan. 26, according to Humboldt County Sheriff Inmate search Vinelink, the two men are out on bond.

Cuevas’s recovery
Four months after the assault, Cuevas’ has been healing well. He is no longer taking seizure medication and his bones have been fused. Cuevas has been attending classes while at the same time keeping a low profile when he goes out. “I have to use code words when I go out with friends if I see someone who I think could be from that night so we could leave,” he said. “It sucks that I have to do that.”

The investigation is still ongoing, if you were a witness to what occurred on Oct. 22 contact the Arcata Police Department at (707) 822-2428.

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