Student finds gun in Fuente Nueva garden

On Nov. 8, a student at Fuente Nueva Charter School found a small pistol while clearing an overgrown area near the garden beds. Parents were notified earlier in the day by Beth Wylie, Charter director. 

Arcata Police Department reports that the gun was unloaded, unregistered and with no witnesses on who placed the weapon there. No further investigation will be done given the pistol was made in the 70’s before serial numbers were required to be on firearms. 

“We continue to work on safety improvements such as fencing, security cameras, additional notification systems [walkie-talkies / speakers in all areas] and door barricades for lockdowns,” said Wylie in an email sent to parents. “It is anticipated that fencing and cameras will be installed soon, we have bids and are waiting for final approval. The campus is toured on a daily basis for safety hazards.”

On November 9, Fuente Nueva staff and interns held a healing space to discuss the weapon found on campus and how they feel. 

“While the events are deeply concerning, the fact that the students did the right thing and notified an adult is very comforting,” Wylie said. “Together we can do our best to provide a safe learning environment for our students.”


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