Free summer classes, up to eight units for Cal Poly Humboldt students

Cal Poly Humboldt will be offering free summer courses up to eight units to currently enrolled and degree-seeking students with the goal of pursuing coursework leading to a certificate, two-year degree, or eventual transfer students as part of California State University (CSU) Graduation Initiative (GI) 2025.

The GI 2025 is a plan by CSU to increase graduations and close equity gaps in degree completion. 

“This is a one-time offer for the summer, however extended education often has some kind of fee waiver that they do give,” said Deserie Donae, Registrar at College of Extended Education and Global Engagement. “It is nothing to the amount that is this summer, that is a special occurrence. But there is often funding available if students inquire in the summer sessions.”

Who qualifies for the Summer Tuition Waiver Fee?

All Cal Poly Humboldt students who are currently enrolled are eligible for the free summer classes. The fee waiver only qualifies for classes at Cal Poly Humboldt, not any other CSU universities. 

Elizabeth Lujan, Assistant Registrar at College of Extended Education and Global Engagement, said “Programs that are not eligible for the summer waiver include: Study abroad, master’s programs, books, class materials, etc.” If you go beyond the eight units you will be charged $289 per unit, the regular summer rate. 

How to Enroll? 

Students can enroll for summer classes through their student center as they would for the fall and spring semesters. The student center is located on myhumboldt homepage. 

“If for some reason there’s a block there is a manual process that will go directly to our extended ed summer session registration page and register through the form,” Donae said. “We don’t recommend this way unless it is urgent.”

Enrollment opens on April 11. To learn more about the Summer Session Tuition Fee Waiver visit https://extended.humboldt.edu/extended-education/summer-session  

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