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Humboldt lifts mask mandate

As of March 1, Governor Gavin Newsom, has lifted California’s indoor mask mandate for both vaccinated and unvaccinated people. Humboldt County has also lifted their indoor mask mandate but is still highly encouraging that all people continue to wear masks indoors in crowded, high-risk areas.

“We are moving past the crisis phase into a phase where we will work to live with this virus,” Newsom said.

California became the first state to formally shift to an “endemic” approach to the coronavirus, according to a plan announced by Newsom on Feb. 17.

Humboldt County Public Health Director Sofia Pereira said that although the masks help limit the spread of COVID-19, the county is still going to follow state recommendations.

According to the California Department of Public Health, starting March 11, K-12 schools will no longer be requiring masks indoors. Students and teachers are still strongly encouraged to wear masks. Under the California state health order, masking will still be required in the following high-risk settings:

  • Areas of public transit
  • Health care
  • Long-term care facilities
  • Correctional facilities

Businesses can still ask customers to wear masks.

Cal Poly Humboldt
As of March 1, no changes have been made to the University mask requirements. These are the current
requirements for Cal Poly Humboldt:

  • Face masks are mandatory, regardless of vaccination status, inside all campus facilities except for certain private spaces and designated eating areas*
  • Masks must be worn in cars or buses for University
  • N95 masks are recommended indoors, but NOT required
  • Cloth face masks must have at least two layers of cotton
  • Fitted masks are required, neck gaiters and bandanas
    are not effective
  • After use, face coverings must be laundered or disposed

Testing and Vaccines
English and Spanish speakers can ask questions about COVID-19, the vaccine and testing locations by calling the Joint Information Center at 707-441-5000 and subscribe to Humboldt Health Alerts for COVID-19 related updates.

To schedule an appointment for COVID-19 vaccines, go to

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