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Local Latina creates organic skincare from the heart

Veronica Montez fulfilled her dreams in March of 2020 when she became the proud owner of Heart of V, an all-natural beauty and skincare business in Eureka. From a young age, Veronica Montez has been destined to do big things, and everyone around her knew it. 

She was born and raised in West Covina in a Mexican-American family full of singers and artists. Montez, the mother of two, moved to Humboldt County for her husband’s job in 2014. After nearly two decades of putting her heart and soul into motherhood, she decided to dive into her other passions. 

“I wanted to give myself a gift,” Montez said. “As mothers, we put our children first, so I felt I needed to do something for myself.”

Montez always had a passion for beauty and helping people so she decided to enroll in esthetician school. After graduating and passing the state board in 2019, she decided to take her passion to the next level. 

Opening a natural skincare business 

After teaching herself everything about skincare online, Montez decided to start making beauty products using only organic ingredients. Just two weeks before the COVID-19 lockdown, Montez opened up her own small business, The Heart of V.  She specializes in making organic products to help heal and soothe sensitive skin. 

“It’s a process trying to grow organically,” Montez said. “It’s time-consuming but I can’t rush the process. What’s meant to be, will happen.”

According to Montez, people are beginning to become more informed about the chemicals in the products they put into and on their bodies. Lab-made chemicals are found in nearly every product imaginable and many are detrimental to our health. 

“If you’re eating something, if you’re drinking something, if you’re putting it on your skin, there should be a purpose for why it’s in that product,” Montez said. “When you look into the ingredients of what you’re buying at most retailers, it’s a lot of unnecessary ingredients. All the ingredients I use come from plants.”

Montez’s mother, Alicia Castorena, got to live out her dreams for years by being a floral designer and she couldn’t be happier that her daughter is doing the same. 

“She has that go get it attitude,” Castorena said. “When she wants something, and she has wanted this for a very long time, she goes and gets it. I believe in my daughter and I really see all the ambition she has for this. Her heart is in the right place and I think that goes a long way.”

Through lots of trial and error, Montez has been able to curate the perfect concoctions for her business. By doing countless hours of research and development, she has become a skincare enthusiast.  

She shares that the most rewarding part of her job is helping people feel good about themselves. Montez believes that putting yourself first and taking care of yourself is important. 

“I put my heart into my skincare,” Montez said, when asked about the reasoning behind her company name. “I put my heart into my products. I put my heart into doing a service. I wanted a name that would reflect all of that.” 

Montez has an online storefront that can be found at www.theheartofv.com. She often takes part in vending events where she is able to meet many people in the county. Currently, her products are in Evolve boutique in Eureka and soon to be in many more. 

Recommended products:

Yoni products – Comes as a bar, oil, or scrub. Helps regulate the menstrual cycle, detoxes eliminates unwanted bacteria, and balances pH. 

Whipped body butter – Offered in a variety of different scents. Contains shea butter, grape seed oil, vitamin E, and arrowroot. Heals dry and chapped skin. 

Hair & body oil- Contains hibiscus which provides antioxidants and calendula which is anti-inflammatory. Exfoliates skin promotes toning in complexion, reduces hair breakage and treats sensitive skin conditions. 

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