Charmaine Lawson and other leaders start new organization

Charmaine Lawson, the mother of David Josiah Lawson, and other local leaders are initiating a new social justice organization, Justice in Humboldt, to work towards bringing change within the judicial system in Humboldt.

Justice in Humboldt has created the website justiceinhumboldt.com as a resource for families struggling with the Humboldt County justice system. JIH will also be purchasing a billboard space on the Northbound US-101, between Eureka and Arcata.

This organization is a collaboration with Justice for Josiah, Centro del Pueblo, Humboldt State Alumni, Buenlucha: Parent and Student Advocacy in Humboldt, and other members for social justice in Humboldt County.

“The goal is to achieve justice,” Lawson said. “We’re going to listen and help families, like mine, get the justice they deserve. If you were denied justice, this is going to help you achieve justice.”

The website will be officially launching on Oct. 15 at the monthly vigil held for Josiah Lawson at the Humboldt County Courthouse from 4 – 6 p.m. It will include legal resources, a place to file complaints directly to the state bar, spaces for community members to share their experiences with the judicial system in Humboldt, and a tab labeled “Behind the Redwood Curtain Alleged Corruption.”

“Behind the Redwood Curtain Alleged Corruption” will be a platform where information about mishandled cases in Humboldt and the alleged misconduct of judicial officials will be posted.

The JIH billboard will be up on Nov. 1. It will advertise three points: the website Justice In Humboldt, the unjust and unresolved death of HSU student David Josiah Lawson and the need for a Humboldt DA who fairly represents all people, according to JIH.

“Justice in Humboldt is here to help inform, hold our leaders responsible, and keep them honest and ethical,” said Christina Lastra, a JIH founding member.

The group hopes to include community members and students in the area. Jazmin Sandoval, HSU alum, is working to create more outreach with students at HSU. They are currently looking for volunteers interested in doing research on mishandled cases in Humboldt.

“We’re determined, inspired and driven. We’re going stronger with JIH,” said Lawson.

People can reach out to the organization through their Facebook and Instagram @Justiceinhumboldt. People can also email justiceinhumboldt@gmail.com to get involved with upcoming events. Donations are currently being accepted on a GoFundMe account titled, “Justice In Humboldt Billboard.” As of Oct. 5 they have raised $202.

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