Legal immigration services available to Humboldt community and students

The Coalition for Human Immigrant Rights of Los Angeles (CHIRLA) is now offering some free legal services to immigrant community members, students and faculty. These services will be available for the next three years. 

CHIRLA helps with initial and renewal DACA paperwork, family petitions, people who want to start their legal resident process and other legal advice. 

Gabriela Garcia, a Department of Justice accredited representative with CHIRLA, shares the importance of Humboldt residents receiving free local legal services. She said there aren’t any immigration attorneys within the area.

“A lot of times for the immigrant community, not having local access to legal services can be the first hurdle to obtaining some sort of status in the country,” Garcia said. 

CHIRLA received a grant from the State of California of Social Services that allows them to provide legal services in the Humboldt area. Humboldt State University is one of 18 California State Universities now able to provide CHIRLA services to students and local communities. 

Who is eligible? 

CHIRLA provides general consultations for any immigrant within the state of California. Students admitted or enrolled at HSU or any community college are eligible for CHIRLA services. Students can also refer family members for services. 

How to make an appointment?

General consultations are provided on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. Community members can call (213) 201-3797 to schedule a consultation. Students can also call the HSU EOP office at (707) 826-4781 to make an appointment. HSU’s EOP office is the easiest way to contact CHIRLA. 

Students can visit dreamers.humboldt.edu to get more information and to book an appointment, or visit the CHIRLA website at CHIRLA.org/studentservices under “student services” when you scroll down the page and you can directly make an appointment through Humboldt State University. 

Zoom consultations will be available throughout the entire year. Conference call option is available to people who aren’t familiar with Zoom.

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