Meet New Faculty Member Andrea Delgado

HSU welcomes new Latinx faculty

This fall semester, Humboldt State University (HSU) English Department welcomed Andrea Delgado to their staff. Originally from Lynwood, CA, Delgado received her bachelor’s degree from UCLA, her master’s degree and doctorate from the University of Washington Seattle.

Delgado drove through Humboldt County once nearly 10 years ago and was blown away from the breathtaking nature. When a job opened up here at the university she seized the opportunity to possibly move up here and do something that she loves.

“What was immediately present to me was all of the beautiful nature, the trees, and being by the ocean,” she said. “So when this became an opportunity to me I had to make it happen.” 

Delgado in her office in Founders Hall. Photo by Deija Zavala

Since Delgado grew up and received one of her degrees in the city of Los Angeles, she does feel as if she’s missing out on something. That something is food, well, good comfort food to be exact.

 “I know it exists somewhere in Humboldt, I just have to find it,” she said. “Even Seattle had good Mexican food spots, you just have to go to them, maybe something like a good mole.” 

Although Delgado has yet to find a good comfort food spot, she has definitely found what her most passionate mission is here at HSU. Her strongest desire is to unite the community and the students, to really make the students feel as if the university is theirs and that they are truly part of the community. 

“I think the way to do that is to kind of follow the students’ lead,” she said. “When it comes to partnering with the community we have to see what the students want to do and see how we can make that happen.” 

Although this seems like a big job for one person, Delgado has her squad to help her along the way. During new faculty orientation, Delgado found herself to be one of the four new women of color working in academia at HSU. 

“It was really special to see them alongside me and I look forward to working with them,” she said. “Although we each have our own experiences, we sometimes have common experiences and that’s what connects us.”

“When it comes to partnering with the community we have to see what the students want to do and see how we can make that happen.”

Andrea Delgado

Delgado’s office is in Founders Hall 221, and her doors are open to anyone looking to be a part of her mission, who needs support or is interested in digital rhetorics. 

“I’m not too removed from my undergrad, and you would think that UCLA was a more diverse place, I still felt like it was hard to find people that I could really connect with,” she said. “I hope students who feel like that come to me to talk about it.”

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