Students fundraise for Latinx graduation

Editor’s Note: Victoria Nazario works for the LCAE.

Graduation is fast approaching and the Latinx Center for Academic Excellence (LCAE) is asking for support and donations to help create a successful and memorable cultural celebration for Latinx students.

The Latinx Graduation is in both Spanish and English, and is free of cost for students who want to participate. More than 250 Latinx students signed up for the ceremony on May 17 at the Lumberjack Arena from 6-9 p.m.

If a student wants to participate and missed the deadline for registration, they could visit the center and speak to staff about being included in the event.

If any students, faculty, staff, or community members would like to get involved and help support the graduation, here are six ways to do it:

  • Dine out to support Latinx Graduation this Thursday Apr. 11 5-9 p.m. at Applebee’s Grill in Eureka. 15 percent of all proceeds will be donated to the Latinx Graduation, just make sure to bring in a flyer to show your server. (one can be picked up from the LCAE.)
  • A person can donate money by writing a check or depositing money to the LCAE’s trust fund, by visiting the cashier’s office located in the Student Business Services building on the second floor. It is important to let them know that the money being donated is for the Latinx Center’s cultural graduation.
  • One can purchase a LCAE t-shirt for $20, or $15 for students on the second floor of Nelson Hall East, room 205.
  • The center is also looking for corporate sponsors. Businesses can pay to have their logo on the yearbook for the Latinx Graduation by the deadline of Apr. 15.
  • If someone does not want to donate money, but wants to donate an item or service, the center is looking for volunteers for the day of the event.
  • Follow the center’s instagram @lcaehsu and stay tuned for future fundraisers like raffles, selling food at events, etc.

For further questions feel free to contact the LCAE (707) 826-4590 or email at

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