Womxn Join Other Womxn

Organizers bring back group for womxn to empower each other

Three years ago when I first moved into Redwood I was surrounded by mostly students of color, yet when I went into town it wasn’t the same.

I’m Mexican and from Los Angeles County and I found myself needing and wanting to be surrounded by women who were new to this community just like I was, and that’s when I walked into Womxn of Color Support Group.

Janiel Giraldo, a marriage and family trainee at Counseling and Psychological Services, and two of her colleagues decided to bring back this support this semester.

This group meets Wednesdays at the Multicultural Center from noon to 1 p.m., has some trouble with attendance.

“These groups are important because they help us to feel validated through shared experience, and they can be a way of finding strength through connection, which is especially important in this political climate,” Giraldo said.

Tai Parker, one of Giraldo’s colleagues, said that multiple factors can go into their low attendance such as scheduling issues and lack of awareness that this space exists.

“Regardless of our numbers, we will persist,” Parker said.

Womxn who attend this group are asked to come in with an open mind and an open heart in order to help create a safe space to empower each other and create a community. An open mind and heart will help you and your fellow attendees create a judgement free space where anything and everything can be discussed.

“I would hope that individuals who come into this group feel a sense of unity and empowerment,” said Livey Ampudia, master’s student in Counseling Psychology. “I would hope that they felt like it was a safe and genuine space where a community could be created.” Ampudia, Parker, and Giraldo have hopes for this group. They also have many ideas to help promote and expand the group by providing food during the meetings, inviting guest speakers or starting a support group to the outside community.

“We need representation, so that we are not alone in this world,” Parker said. “We are unique complex people with experiences that differ. This group and groups like this are needed if we want to heal our current culture.”

Wednesdays @ Noon, MultiCultural Center’s Vine Deloria Room

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