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Let’s dive into Humboldt’s fetish community

Editor’s Note: The sources in the story were provided anonymity for safety concerns and wanting their privacy protected.

BDSM, kinks and fetishes are part of the spectrum of desire.”

Emilyo Arias, writer for El Leñador

Fetish or Fetishism is defined by Webster dictionary as “a form of sexual behavior in which gratification is linked to an abnormal degree to a particular object, activity, part of the body, etc.”

But Fetish is also part of a subculture, a community that has been around for some time and can be found in places you would never expect.

After attending a fetish themed event in Eureka last month, I got in contact with Ms. Robbyn a performer and Nawdy the host of Fetish Nights, who are well known in Humboldt’s fetish community.

Nawdy shared that the group has been around for four years and Fetish Nights are held every second Saturday of each month.

The events take place in Eureka at the Sirens Song Bar. There’s a Facebook group “Fetish life Humboldt” which posts events regularly with their main event being Fetish Nights.

To get involved in the community, Ms. Robbyn said it is best to start a Fetlife account. Fetlife is a social media site dedicated to those in the fetish community and it’s free.

“Make a profile and look for things called munchies,” Ms. Robbyn said. “They are like friendly meet and greets.”

A participant shows the rough side of BDSM | Photo by Emilyo Arias

BDSM (Bondage Dominance Submission Masochism) is often subject to misconceptions and cause people to jump to conclusions such as the idea of a “safe word.”

“…People assume BDSM equals sex, second people into BDSM are weird,” Ms. Robbyn said. “I am pretty normal. Third most common misconception is that men are always dominant. Not true.”

She added that safe words are super important when people engage in BDSM.

“It lets me know that you really mean what you really mean with safe words… red for me always means stop… no more spankings,” Ms. Robbyn said.

She also stressed that BDSM is not always sexual. It can be, but not necessarily.

“BDSM is bondage discipline/sadomasochism. For me… topping (dominant) is not sexual at all. It satisfies my sadistic dominant side,” Ms. Robbyn said. “In the same way a person who works out every day. Same chemical release for me. Also, I’m not saying people don’t have sex after a scene. I do not, I separate the two.”

BDSM, kinks and fetishes are part of the spectrum of desire. They are there own thing that can overlap. Fetishes of specific objects that spark sexual interest can include stockings, high heels, leather, latex, etc.

“There is a huge difference between fetishes and BDSM. Fetishes are something you absolutely need in order to climax,” Ms. Robbyn said. “Kink is just something you like or prefer.”

Ms. Robbyn said that performing on stage is pure joy. She loves introducing people into the world of BDSM.

“I LOVE performing,” Ms. Robbyn said. “That wonderful elated feelin stays with me for days.”

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