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Eureka’s Utility Box Project Brightens Community

Samantha Moore – Local artist and recent art studio graduate from HSU chose her design because the ‘cat food’ idea came to her one night at home while hungry. Amid of her surprise of her design being chosen to be a part of this project, she had some experience with public display pieces and knew the amount of work that goes into this. “I just thought it’d bring some smiles and some laughs and it definitely has so I’m happy people are enjoying it,” Moore said. After six long days of working Moore finished her masterpiece. This project gave her a slight jump start to her art career.


Jose Moreno – This government worker chose his design based off of a statue on Woodley Island and the history of Eureka. As an artist who works a nine-to-five job he doesn’t have many opportunities to showcase his art, so he took full advantage of this city-wide project. “I wanted this to be something that belonged to the area,” Moreno said. “Something to honor the fishermen that have been lost at sea.” This box displays a fisherman, an array of fish and a warm colored geometric sunset background that contrasts with his cerulean fish and fisherman.  Fisherman_IMG_3447

Heather Rust – Mother of two, business owner of the hair salon Cloud Nine in Eureka, freelance artist and organizer of Twig Fig chose her design in appreciation of her daughters. She shares their love of mermaids which inspired the vibrant colors that adds to the mysticism of the painting.   Humboldt Artisans sponsored her box since she has done art work for them before. On the side of the box there is a mermaid which is in memoriam of a former worker of Humboldt Artisans. Having done other public art pieces she felt well-equipped for this box project.Mermaids_IMG_3469

David Witter – Local artist chose his design based off of a design he had previously done on a surfboard back home. He revamped that and took advantage of his use of paint to give it that dripping wet paint effect. The brightly colored design and movement catches the eye of people driving or walking past his box. The squid and shark are purposefully the stars of his utility box and stand out by his use of contrasting colors. When asked why he chose to be a part of this project he said, “I’ve seen other people doing it so I wanted to do it too.”Sharks_IMG_3437

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