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Memories in the Masa

Atole de Masa con Guayaba

Back in the day when my mom was a middle schooler, she patiently watched her mother prepare sopes and atole de masa as her hunger grew. After politely asking to be served, her mother responded like most Latinx mothers do ‘Llevale el almuerzo a tus hermanos primero’, she had to go to her brothers’ school and deliver their lunches first. You know the drill, you have to run an errand before you receive anything in return.

My grandmother was the one that taught my mom the recipe for atole. This warm drink can be made in so many flavors like chocolate, pineapple, or guava and during the holidays or on noche buena, atole is usually made to alongside tamales. Although my mom’s memory isn’t directly related to the holidays, it still reminded her of her mother cooking and like most recipes that are passed down to us, all we think of is family, just like with most holidays.

If you decide to make atole during this holiday season, I hope you enjoy it with a loved one too.

Did You Know?

Atole can also be written as atol, and in Nahuatl, atol is atolli, which means watery. Tal means water and tol is diminutive (meaning extremely small) which refers to the ‘i’ in atolli, so atole is like the combination of the three words.

Atole de masa with guava

(recipe serves 4)


½ cup of cornflour

4 ½ cup of water (you can also use milk)

1 stick of cinnamon

1 piloncillo (type of sugar – find this at your local Mexican market)

8 guavas


  • Dissolve the cornflour with half a cup of warm water and in another pot add the rest of the water, cinnamon, and piloncillo.
  • After the water with cinnamon and piloncillo has boiled, add the dissolved cornflour and strain the guavas to avoid seeds getting into the mixture.
  • Continually stir the atole on medium heat until all of the ingredients have mixed together and thickened.

Note: If the atole is too watery then add more flour but if it’s too thick, add water.


En Nahuatl, atole se escribe atolli y significa aguado, tal significa agua y tol es diminutivo despectivo. Atole es como la combinación de las tres palabras.

Atole de masa con guayaba

(Sirve a 4)


½ taza de masa de maíz

4 ½ tazas de agua o leche

1 raja de canela

1 piloncillo

8 guayaba


  • Disuelve la masa con media taza de agua tibia y en otra olla agrega el resto del agua con la canela y el piloncillo
  • Después de que ya hirvio el agua con la canela y el piloncillo, agrega la masa disuelta y añade la guayaba molida y colada
  • Revuelves constantemente a fuego medio hasta que los ingedientes se hayan mezclado y el atole haya espesado

Nota: Si esta muy aguado ponle mas masa y si esta espeso, un poco mas de agua

Se sirve en un jarrito de barro o en tazas acompañado con un pan dulce Mexicano o unos deliciosos tamales

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