New CAPS counselor that focuses on Latinx students

Cal Poly Humboldt’s Counseling and Psychological Services has hired a new Latinx-focused counselor, CPH alum, Alejandro Torres.

Torres attended CPH as an undergrad before completing his masters in counseling psychology spring of 2023. He is now Associate Marriage and Family Therapist at CAPS as of Aug. 17 and is working to become licensed.

“Latinx is my focus, but I do have experience working with students of all types of backgrounds…I’m so excited to be here so I can offer some support to students that are needing that kind of representation and identity to connect with,” Torres said.

Torres is from Modesto and said that he wanted to “see more people that looked like me in bigger roles. More professors, more counselors.”

Torres focuses on LGBTQ+ and BIPOC students as a BIPOC LGBTQ+ person himself.

“Representation is super important,” Torres said, “Especially if you’re not from Humboldt County and from somewhere more diverse and just moving to Humboldt. It’s quite a shock.”

According to Torres, there is an unspoken connection when he works with other LGBTQ+ and people of color. “You don’t have to worry about like, ‘can this therapist really understand this part of my life if they haven’t walked in my shoes as a person of color? As LGBTQ+?,” Torres said.

Director of CAPS, Elizabeth McCallion Ph.D confirmed they are looking to hire a Staff Psychotherapist, Liaison to Cultural Centers Job anticipated to start January 2024. The position is focused on identifying and supporting the mental health needs of students of color and is a full-time position. It includes direct clinical services as well as outreach.

Students can schedule an individual session through CAPS by calling at (707) 826-3236 or by emailing at humboldtcaps@humboldt.edu between 9 a.m. – 4 p.m. Monday through Friday.

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