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Providing Colombian eats to Humboldt

From riding her bike through the streets of Columbia selling empanadas with her daughter on her back, Luz Angel Arce now owns La Colombiana– a Colombian food stand that appears in different locations in Humboldt County.

“Since I started in June, it’s an awesome feeling,” Arce said. “I love it and I’m so thankful to the community who supports me doing this and I’m so grateful for them eating my food, and to show who I am.”

Arce’s mother and grandmother are the originators of the food stand’s menu. Arce has used the same ingredients for years. She brings back the necessary spices from Colombia and takes pride in her heritage saying, “I love my country and I’m so proud to be Colombian.”

“I want to be in touch with my people, that is one of the reasons to be doing empanadas or making food,” Arce said. “I love to be in touch with my people. It brings a part of Colombia to this area, and that is pretty awesome.”

A specialty food at La Colombiana is the Sancocho, which is a plantain soup that’s served with a marinated chicken leg, chunks of plantains, rice, corn on the cob, salsa and a heavy slice of avocado. The combination of rich ingredients created a symphony of flavors and a fine salute to Arce’s home of Colombia and those who passed down the recipes to her.

La Colombiana also has a gluten-free menu which includes empanadas that are made of chicken, beef or vegan options. The menu also includes other Colombian recipes such as Shrimp Ceviche, Arepas and Sello Rojo, a Colombian coffee. La Colombiana also has pork, chicken and beef tamales available everywhere but not while they sell at the Arcata Plaza Farmers’ Market.

“It’s an amazing opportunity to share my food and my culture,” Arce said.

Arce has lived in Humboldt since 2001. Outside of La Colombiana she works as a medical assistant and translator. Arce is a mother of two daughters who assist her to set up the food stand, and prepare the food necessary for a day at the local farmers market or an event.

To find out more about La Colombiana view their Instagram @lacolombiana_in_humboldt.

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